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Why attend Transforming Cities 2023?

Why attend

Transforming Cities Leicester: a blueprint for city success


Successful city regeneration projects offer diversity and lots of possibilities for human interaction and transaction in a high quality, activity-friendly public realm; a mixture of night-time and daytime uses, retail, commercial, educational, residential and community amenities, all served by accessible and connected transport infrastructure. This involves insights from professionals from many disciplines – but all are united by their commitment, passion and drive for positive change.

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If you work in active travel or transport:

Transport is not an end in itself, but is a key factor contributing to sustainable economic growth. Expert speakers will outline how transport plans, including input from regeneration, infrastructure planning and development, are delivering better environments:

  • understand how cities have successfully planned for people not cars

  • develop and deliver a strategy to sustain long-term investments across the public realm

  • increase bus patronage and cycling and reduce road accident casualties

  • see how Leicester has lessened road dominance and is creating an attractive, pedestrian-friendly environment

  • hear how to link together and showcase unique heritage, retail, leisure and cultural assets to revitalise tourism income

  • hear best practice in demonstrating the vital role of a high quality and active public realm

  • understand how to use Transforming Cities and other funds to create connected communities

  • relieve pressure on roads by boosting active travel and public transport

  • learn form cities that are pioneering congestion and pollution reduction

If you're a spatial or urban planner, a masterplanner or a developer

Successful city regeneration involves stakeholders getting behind a vision that tells the city’s special story. Expert speakers will show how delivering physical interventions supports this vision and makes it reality, including:

  • using public realm improvements to attract businesses investment and retain residents

  • kickstarting major regeneration using seed capital funding 

  • staying unique: avoiding generic regeneration by creating a city narrative

  • building town & gown partnerships: universities are helping to re-shaping city public realm

  • creating stakeholder buy-in to incremental change across regeneration zones

  • lessening road dominance and creating healthy, active travel-friendly environments

  • following a vision: improving connections between key city hubs, assets and amenities

If you work in the visitor economy, tourism and the travel trade:


The visitor experience and tourism are key elements of many city regeneration plans: Leicester’s tourism income, for example,  is projected to increase to £2.1bn by 2025. Hear expert speakers outline how this is being achieved by:

  • understanding the link between development and conservation, and avoiding generic regeneration

  • following a vision: improving connections between key city hubs, assets and amenities

  • creating a connected and welcoming public realm that is easy to navigate and visit

  • avoiding congestion and car domination by providing better city gateways, coach drop off, pick up and suitable parking facilities

  • providing a safe, secure and clean environment through ‘Legible Leicester’ and ‘Connecting Leicester’ strategies

  • using tourism as a driver to align key city and regional stakeholders behind a common growth vision

  • supporting retail reinvigoration at all scales, on-street and off-street

  • lessening road dominance and creating healthy, active travel-friendly environments

This event will outline how cities across the UK, including Leicester, are revitalising and investing in their local assets – be that communities, waterfronts or heritage – to create attractive and functional city centres for all. Expert speakers from successful regeneration projects will showcase best practice in:

  • Rediscovering hidden waterfronts and heritage assets

  • Town & gown partnerships: collaborative working

  • The visitor economy: improving sustainable access

  • Innovation in placemaking: smart city tools and initiatives

  • Retail reinvigoration: on-street and off-street

  • Achieving community buy-in and incremental change: street by street, shop by shop

  • The key role of a high quality and active public realm

Our key aim is to facilitate knowledge-sharing, and our primary target audience is key decision makers within national, regional and local councils; councillors, developers, land owners, planners, house builders, investors and urban and transport professionals. The event will also bring together creative thinkers and doers, policymakers, designers and socially active citizens. 

Explore new ideas, new thinking and meet new people to support you taking the next steps towards regenerating your city.


Your delegate pass for Transforming Cities Leicester 2023  includes access to:


Phoenix Leicester,
4 Midland Street

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